Social Responsibity

Social Responsibity


Nile Petroleum Company has introduced a partnership initiative with some universities. It has provided assistance and support to students who majored in energy field, researchers inside and outside the country through contracting with experience houses in the field of training and administration to gaur ante that employees could cope with advancement .at the international level.

The company has promoted the concept of community responsibility that includes environment, sanitation, community, sort and education. The company aims at:

·       To realize safe working environment.

·       Applying safety system based n international standards.

·       To develop indigenous communities where the company Practices its commercial activities.

·       To increase added – value from human capital by urging employees, customers and contractors to contribute effect rely to promote indigenous communities.



The company has provided Bant charitable project to rehabilitate and maintain agricultural service center to help people to lead their lives.

The company has supported collective marriage in kasla nile valley and shendi by providing gas cylinders (650) to make marniog deposable and thus contributed to conserve the souety .

The company has provided five referigaters to glophol at dinder national park

1.    the company reorganized the importance of protecting dinder national park .

2.    to provide supper to this resort to contribute in national  income and reflect Sudan good reputation

3.    making use of resort halls in terms of training working or hold conferences

·       the company has tounded nile houses in children rilloge in soba in collaboration with sos international organization .

·       Supporting the project of roadman food with 20 sugar bags in coordinating with a charitable organization.

·       Supporting public police department in gezeria state.

·       Supporting nawaz charitable organization in porvidting sheep for poor families.

·       supporting lnnsar al khair organization to establish elaquse projects

·       Supporting Grievance and reform organization in Gezear to implement social programmers.

·       Providing support to alnadda youth organization.



The company has centruded khalwas mosques Sudanese Abu gusossa and Elkerkab and has provided gas to decrease grazing and assist students to become stable and provided job opportunities that support these institutions

The company has constructed farqice mosque with micro phone and recorder set given to elhasa masque in shindig rural areas

 The company has supported Khartoum elmorsleem Islamic center with ten gasoline barrels to generate electricity for the compound.


The company has recognize the role of education and has provided  support to universities associations such as Omdurman Islamic universities south dar four students association mere over .

The company looked after aloof scientific weeks in Khartoum and Omdurman Islamic universities and has supported field trip carried out by faculty of engineering Elnealin University in coloration with student’s unich.

The company contributed in providing good school averment for student by constructing two classes in um adds an Basic School in sin nor state. The company has built a class in al buhra locality in collaboration with school management and public committee

In collaboration with megaton organization the company has provided winter clothes for poor children to meet winter server weather in Khartoum state to combat the cold weather impacts that affect on pupils health and proteet then from illnesses such as cold and inflame times. This caused educational stability and encourages pupils to be punctual to come to school.

The company has sponsored Al shced alzubair prize for sciatic researches, civil society organization and education reprinted in supporting talented schools health.

The company has provided health service to social acetones such as dings’ operations for handicapped children and families in inside the Sudan – moreover it has assisted treatment abroad.

The company has good co- operation utile Sudanese kidney plantation. the company has provided drugs raccines that assist 50 kidney patients tabe treareel daily .

The company has support eel the association of heart patients with drng for nearly almost 200 people.

The company has contributed in constructing and maintaining health centers by prevision of dwgs to eclipse patients in wad madni


The company has support summer annual ativites  for work and their children  which are performed in oil club mare over it has paid spcial concer

The company has contributed in building and maintaiming buri social and sport club .

The company has provided ten thous and cements tons to construet kramia port club in alobeid to diffuse sport and eduction cultune and cemat bad habits.


The company has looked after exhibitions and souiol responsibly con fervencies in collaboration with ministry of social well fore

Looking after the preparation of social physian and engineer weeks, field trips in different colleges.

Conducting scientist poppers in the field of energy environment and social responsibility.

Social responsibity prize:

Nile petroleum company has obtained the presidential prize first class in 2015 in al obeid in north kordofan because of its efforts in sustainable effort create social development.