Nile petroleum Company Ltd acquires the majority or full shares in several companies and refineries including Pedro-Pash Co, the exclusive agent in the Sudan for Fuchs Oils; the German oils Known for their high quality and fine crude of international reputation. It is the leading Co. among international firms specializing in the manufacture of lubricants.

Petro-Bash Company is fully committed to ensuring industrial operations that meet the highest international specifications standard. The high reputation of these products  ensures customer satisfaction and meeting OEM requirement. All company products of engine oils and industrial oils are subjected to thorough examination at the company advanced laboratories where a complete and perfect control system is applied at all production stages. Petro-Pash is working hard to cope with the latest technological development with emphasis on control and quality systems.

The partnership cover:

·        Nile Bakri Company; active in jet fuel.

·        PETROTRANS Company; active in the transport of liquid petroleum products and owns a modern fleet for the transport of all types of petroleum products.